How to cure dry scalp with nopoo

I’ve been doing nopoo for about 2 years now and had a dry scalp issue for probably 20 months. All I can say is that I wore a beanie very often. Anyways, for a large part of the time, I thought the issue was of the type that needed Head and Shoulders or Nizoral to fix. H&S kept my dandruff inline back when I was in middle school so I thought it was the same issue here. However, both H&S and Nizoral fails to fix the flaking when I am on nopoo.

After that, I have tried:

Brushing/Combing everyday (maybe about 30% effective)
Homemade honey mix (did nothing)
Rosemary essential oil (did nothing, however, I do like the smell)
Olive oil (dumb, but I was desperate. It made my hair smell bad.)
Mineral oil (bad idea, it gave my hair a weird oiliness that took days to remove)
Tea tree oil (did not help much)
Colder showers (I think it may have helped, but not too sure. Results weren’t good enough to give up warm showers)

But then, I finally found the solution! Coarse salt. The type I used wasn’t even dead sea or anything fancy, just some kosher coarse salt. I think the main reason it works is abrasive removal at the scalp. Water probably isn’t enough for some of us to remove all the buildup that accumulates in our hair.

I fill up half a small bowl with salt and pour in some water with 10 drops of rosemary oil for scent. I have been rubbing it into my scalp for about 45 seconds using all my fingers and I’ve only done it for a couple of days. It has already removed about 90% of the flaking. It’s actually kinda difficult getting every area of the scalp with hair in the way, but I’m fairly confident that if you spent the time, it would be 100% effective for you. Best news is that salt doesn’t seem to effect the hair itself and leaves it with the nopoo look.

Later, I’m gonna try and see how often I will have to use the salt. Hopefully, it’ll only be once a week or less.

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