How to tame your frizzy hair using nopoo

My entire life my hair was frizzy. If i spent a long time twisting my curls after a shower it looked nice and smooth, until it moved much, then back to wrinkles and frizz. But now, IT IS AMAZING. My hair is an entirely different texture! It has weight instead of frizz. Its smooth and I dont have to panstakingly twist every curl. It hangs and swings properly for the first time in my life!

I heard about the NoPoo method from a friend who learned about it from Livejournal. Studied that thouroughly and got started. I’d like to share my personal method of seven+ years with you guys.

Every two-four weeks I do a baking soda “wash” (1 tbsp baking soda:16 oz water) I scrub this like shampoo mostly on my scalp, only a little on the length) It will feel a little slippery

After I rinse the baking soda, I do an apple cider vinegar rinse. Or sometimes white vinegar depending on what is around. My vinegar dilution is always random. If it smells enough like vinegar, it’s acidic enough. I havent had any poor results from this.

When I shower (between baking soda/vinegar days) i just scrub my hair and scalp with water. Also since my hair is long i put it up when I am washing my body so no drying soap gets on it.

I use a conditioner (mixed with tea tree oil) to control dandruff. In my personal experience, simply choosing a conditioner with no “cones” is NOT ENOUGH. So many are still extremely drying! What i look for is a conditioner that has Cetearyl Alcohol as low as possible on the ingredients. Even many cone free, very natural and healthy/organic conditioners have Cetearyl Alcohol high in their ingredients, but not all! The good natural conditioners that have alcohol low will be a much thicker bloppier consistency. Then i just mix in tea tree oil for dandruff.

As far as styling products…. After my hair is dry, I only use a bitof cooking oil. Usually pretty much just on the ends of my long hair. Olive oil, coconut oil, canola, whatever is around. Its a very small amount used. Since my hair is long, i use an american nickel sized puddle of oil in one palm, rub my hands together, then rub it in. Starting at the bottom, getting most of it on the length. This makes my curls stay together great. They absorb the oil and stay smooth and swingy. NoPoo for me is about maintaining a healthy level of oils to change my hair texture. Adding oil on the driest parts of my hair (furthest from the scalp) evened that out for me.

I have been doing my hair like this for so long i have lost count. At least seven years. I love it! My hair was always a frizzy chunk, but now it swings and individual curls have weight. It is now what I always wished my hair looked like as a child! Curly, frizzy, wavey haired people, this changed my life!

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