Diet may be affecting the way your hair reacts to nopoo

Ever since I was a teenager I had incredibly greasy hair. If I showered that morning the grease would be clearly visible by the end of the day. My mom was like that too so I figured it was just genetics.

Still, a couple years ago I was determined to stop using shampoo and I tried really hard at it for a few months since I didn’t have to go outside for work. By the end of those months my hair was able to go a couple days without being covered in grease but the third day there was no way it looked presentable. I figured I was just doomed to super greasy hair all the time if I wanted to stay away from shampoo so I quit.

A few days ago I decided to try again. I’m on the 5th day of just washing with water and my hair is not greasy at all!! I’m going to have no trouble keeping it up this time and I’m so happy.

The only reason I can imagine such a change is because a few weeks ago I started trying to be super healthy which included going vegan and cutting out all processed food. I haven’t been pregnant or anything else I can think of that would have had an impact on my hormones. Literally the only changes I’ve made between now and two years ago is my diet.

I didn’t even eat a lot of meat in the first place either. I did eat a lot of processed food though. I could have guessed that quitting meat would result in somewhat less grease being produced but the difference is astounding to me. And it’s only been a few days so I expect it to just get better as time goes on. I’d say probably half the hair is pulled out when I brush after showering and my head has stopped being itchy (I decided to quit shampoo again cause I was starting to get hives, yikes).

I just wanted to share that with you guys. Especially if you’re already considering a lifestyle change, this is just one more reason to do it. I’m already feeling physically better than I have in my life too. It was a difficult process changing my diet but so worth it, and now I’m just waiting till my hair starts looking fuller and nicer too 😀

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