Frizzy Hair Cure

My entire life my hair was frizzy. If i spent a long time twisting my curls after a shower it looked nice and smooth, until it moved much, then back to wrinkles and frizz. But now, IT IS AMAZING. My hair is an entirely different texture! It has weight instead of frizz. Its smooth and […]

My “NoPoo” Routine

My No-Poo Method: Mostly water-only, with an occasional honey-wash once per month to clarify– I LOVE this method. I tried a JR Liggett’s shampoo bar once which left my hair poofy & made my ends frizzy, which I didn’t like. Oily Transition / How I deal with excess oils now: I used honey-washing for the first week […]

Product Recommendations

The very long-awaited list of “NoPoo” product recommendations is here! I compiled this list of sulfate-free & silicone-free low-poos & conditioners from all of your awesome recommendations over the past few months. This list is intended to help those of you who are looking for a gradual transition from shampoo to No Poo or for those who […]

Dry Scalp

I’ve been doing nopoo for about 2 years now and had a flaking issue for probably 20 months. All I can say is that I wore a beanie very often. Anyways, for a large part of the time, I thought the issue was of the type that needed Head and Shoulders or Nizoral to fix. […]