The Benefits of going Shampoo-Free

  • Stop the vicious cycle of shampooing w/ sulfates (harsh chemicals that strip hair & scalp of natural oils, which dries out hair, making it frizzy & susceptible to damage) and then conditioning (to attempt to add moisture back to hair, to counteract the drying sulfates).

  • Allow your scalp’s oil production to calm down and get under control, which means you can go longer between hair washes without getting oily. (Some people can go a week or longer on no poo, while they used to have to wash daily with shampoo.)

  • Utilize the natural oils produced by your scalp which is made for your hair. It coats your hair, protects it from the elements and damage, increases hair elasticity, and hydrates it so it’s bouncy and fuller and can grow longer.

  • Many people have reported that stopping shampoo also stopped exacerbating their skin conditions (like dandruff), and even cured them.

  • Avoid unnecessary chemicals that may affect our bodies in harmful ways including sulfates/harsh detergents, carcinogens, and parabens (preservatives, some linked to breast cancer). And limit the amount of harsh chemicals going down the drain and into the earth.

  • No poo cleansers (shampoo alternatives) are WAY cheaper (or free), and usually easy to find.